Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Come get dirty in New Orleans this April

The Diocese of Olympia invites you to join a missionary trip to New Orleans April 14-22, 2007. Only six spots left! Be a member of a Diocese of Olympia medical and construction team to assist in the reconstruction of New Orleans.

Participants will stay at the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, New Orleans, which can house 25 volunteers and includes a full kitchen. The construction team will meet daily at a central location and will be divided into work crews. Each crew will be under the direction of a local crew chief. The medical team (R.N.,M.D.,APRN) will be part of the St. Anna’s Mobile Medical Mission and will provide basic medical examinations and care.

Cost per person: self-arranged air fare ($300+ as of date of this post), food needed for meals (approx. $100) and rental vehicles and gas for ground transportation ($75). Lodging is free but a donation will be appreciated.

If interested, please contact the Rev. Peter Kalunian for a registration form. The team will be limited to the first 25 people who apply. For more information, call 206-854-0612 or e-mail Fr. Peter More information is available at, click on “volunteer resources.”


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